About Valthirian Arc

Valthirian Arc is a game developed by Lucidrine. The Player takes on the role of the Principal of an Academy in a magical fantasy world, known as Valthiria, and takes the duty of overseeing the training of its students and managing the school itself, teaching budding mage and warrior apprentices to cast magic, master weapons, and commit to quests of honor.

Principal's Handbook

This is a wiki for material related to Valthirian Arc (also known as "The Principal's Handbook"). Everyone is welcome to read and contribute to it. Feel free to fix typos, add translations, rewrite articles, or anything else you please. Any mistakes you might make can be easily changed back.

Table of Contents

Rules and Objectives
Objectives - What you have to do
Calendar - Time system of the game
Students - Without them, there is no Academy
Fame - aka "How well people know your Academy"
Graduation - For Fame and Gold!
Weapon Grade - The Valthirian arts of weaponry
Quests - Gaining fame, getting rich, and training your students
Enemies List - What enemies you will face on each quest and their stats.

Class Lists
~First-Tier Classes~
Apprentice - The Potential Freshman
Mana Scholar - The Pupil of Magic
~Second-Tier Classes~
Duelist - The Swift Attacker (from Apprentice)
Gunslinger - The Distant Hunter (from Apprentice)
Dragoon - The Doom Slayer (from Apprentice)
Magilancer - The Arcane Defender (from Mana Scholar)
Mirage Caster - The Essential Healer (from Mana Scholar)
Sorceress - The Runic Devastator (from Mana Scholar)

  • Bind = Halts the next action of the attacked unit. (Sorceress Skill)
  • Block = 10% chance to block incoming attack; if succeed halts attacker's next action. (Dragoon's Skill)
  • Swift = 15% chance to evade incoming attack. (Duelist's Skill)
  • Heal = Rejuvenates allie's HP (Mirage Caster's Skill)
  • Mana Shield = If sufficient, treat Mana as HP (Magilancer's Skill)